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Parvum Opus 308 ~ Happy Hogmanay

Happy Hogmanay

It’s not midnight yet here, but I already enjoyed the Stonehaven fireball celebration five hours away in Scotland via webcam. Hogmanay is Scots for the last day of the year. All you need for spectacular beauty is fire.

Today I cooked black-eyed peas with smoked pork for good luck, an old southern tradition I picked up from my father. One story is that when the Yankees raided southern farms during the Civil War, they took all the food but left the black-eyed peas (or field peas), thinking they were only food for livestock; thus the good luck was that some food remained. I’ve also heard the black spots represent coins, symbolizing money. In any case, they’re good, good for you, and, no doubt, good luck. Best with cornbread, but I had garlic bread and Irish coffee with mine. Or was it Scotch coffee? I used Scotch.

I’m still working on my New Year’s resolutions, but for now it might be more satisfying to begin to compile a list of good things from my 2008. Just a few:

!!! Chief among them was the trip to Scotland for my son Jude’s wedding to dear Kate (and later a trip to Boston for the reception). Moral: Good times may be fleeting, but life is even shorter, so do the important things at any cost.

!!! I got a new job and quit it. Moral: Even if suffering makes it seem like your life is dragging out longer, cut your losses.

!!! It’s been six years that I’ve been writing Parvum Opus. Thanks to everyone who’s read it and who’s written to me. It has been a pleasure. I hope to continue for at least another half-dozen years. Moral: Keep on doing what you like to do, as often as possible; it puts you in a timeless state.

A Bubble a Day

Bet you can’t pop just one: the bubble calendar is a paper calendar overlaid with bubble wrap, allowing you to pop one bubble a day.

Good King Wenceslas

This Christmas I’ve let “Good King Wenceslas” get stuck in my head. Two good versions on YouTube are one by the Irish Rovers, and another by Blackmore’s Night that gives the lyrics and has some lovely artwork.

What is the sound of paper with no words?

Online publisher Blurb has a page called The Library of Unwritten Books. Does that strike a chord? Got a manuscript in your drawer or in your head? If so, this page won’t help, but know you’re not alone.

Synchronized Spooning Update

Following the numerous holiday exhibition synchronized spooning events, one of the best teams has been sidelined by carpe diem syndrome, an injury caused by too much daily practice. Nudge and Swish Carhardt of Grygla, Minnesota, have been practicing virtually every waking ~ and sleeping ~ moment when they’re not actually performing, leading to repetitive motion injuries in Nudge’s elbows and knees.

“I guess I got so anxious to push for admission to the aught-ten Olympics that I overdid it. I’ll rest up for a week or so and then get back to it, but not as much as before.”

When asked how she managed to escape injury after following the same strenuous schedule as her husband Nudge, Swish said, “Well, he leads. And sometimes he practices alone. I just can’t do it 24/7. Especially at Christmas time.”

Jem Whittle of Ontario continued performing after spraining an ankle a month ago. Nudge Carhardt won’t be out of action very long either. Spoons are made of a tough mettle.

Next Week

Notes I’m saving for next week/year: Do you know the difference between an ex-communist and a former communist? Did you know you can wash suede (not just the special washable suede)?



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