Wednesday, September 2, 2015


Someone recently wrote online that she didn't understand why lately there are so many stories about Planned Parenthood. If you only watch majority news on TV or only read mainstream media sources online you  might have missed the recently released videos about Planned Parenthood's selling of baby parts.

You can catch up here at the Center for Medical Progress where you can find the videos and the transcripts.

As soon as the first video appeared it was clear that a number of things would happen.

One, people (i.e. most Americans) who accept abortion as not only legal but OK aren't going to be more than briefly disturbed (to use Hillary Clinton's word) about the idea of cutting up the dead ones to sell to clinics for whatever reason. The mental image is gruesome, but is it any more so than the actual killing? You need to be informed on exactly how that takes place. So of course many or most people would ignore this story.

Second, Planned Parenthood would try to kill the messenger. This has been attempted in various ways. PP said the videos were heavily edited and "edited" has been echoed by people everywhere who will not, cannot say, the story is false. But while they say the shorter versions of the videos are "out of context" they cannot explain what if anything has been edited out to change the reality. Then they say the people who taped these interviews have an agenda to get rid of abortion entirely. Again, if so that does not change the facts as revealed in these videos where people blithely explain themselves:

1. Dickering about pricing of parts.

2. Using a still living baby and cutting its face open to extract the brain for sale.

Third, many people no matter how repulsive these videos are, will rationalize it by saying it's all for medical research. Probably the same people who object to medical research on non-human animals (and ignoring the fact that using embryonic stem cells is a failed technology compared to using adult stem cells). Or they insist that anything is permitted as long as women are allowed to abort.

Now you can't say you didn't know. If you're not sure why this is important, remember the good Germans in the Nazi era. And read What We Can't Not Know: A Guide by J. Budziszewski.